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Creekwood Resort's monthly news letter contest entries

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Creekwood Now has a monthly news letter that includes:
A Story Contest that you can join in on.  This is a sample of fun, funny, sweet, and then the others for the first months entry's.
A warning, these didn't make the cut and may be to off color for some people, that is why they are not on the news letter.  Your choice to read or not........

Here is how it works. We give you the first paragraph and you decide the second paragraph etc. Take it wherever you care. Each month you will help it grow. Your creative ideas of how the story should continue will be welcomed and rewarded. All you have to do is email us one paragraph tittled"Story Contest" , and watch to see if your story addition gets published in our next News Letter.
This months winner won a free night in the RV Park, check out the March 1st News letter for the name of the winner. 
So here we go...
Creekwood wrote the starting paragraph:

One cold wintry day a group of us decided to go up to Mr. Mountain and do some target shooting. The ground crunched under our feet and the air was bitingly cold. It was a different kind of Georgia day and there was an ominous glow as the sun rose over the ridge. The day held promise as we hiked into the back woods when suddenly…to be continued (by you).

Thursday, January 28, 2010 11:52 PM

Steve H. wrote:

when suddenly... Nancy Pelosi peaked out from behind a tree. I didn't have a gun, but Robert did, so I went to grab it, but he already had a bead on her. Well, I wasn't about to let him rob me of my dream, so I tried to pull it away from him, but, evidently, he had a dream also. Being younger and stronger, Robert easily pulled the gun out of my grasp, but about that time....

Friday, January 29, 2010 1:50 AM

D. K. wrote:

.....when suddenly a huge black bear (or brown or whatever color you have in Georgia) appeared from nowhere. Standing on his hind legs ,he appeared to be 20' tall and extremely hungry! We took one look at him and decided since we didn't want to be "dinner", we had better ........

Friday, January 29, 2010 6:38 AM

Paul T. wrote:
The day held promise as we hiked into the back woods when suddenly... in the distance we were stopped dead in our tracks by an eerie howl coming from further up the mountain. We looked at one another for a brief moment too stunned to speak, afraid that asking what could have made such a bone chilling noise may cause it's source to materialize before us. A few short moments that seemed like an eternity passed with no other sound beyond a chilling breeze passing through the trees tops above us. Slowly, we mustered our courage, laughed off our feelings of fear and pressed on with our quest for the perfect location to set the targets and proceed with our shooting plans....
Friday, January 29, 2010 8:30 PM

HARRY W GAUGER (this is Melissa's Dad and not eligible to win but still a very funny story, being we are outside of the city of Helen GA, that has the longest running Oktoberfest in the USA) wrote.

The day held promise as we hiked into the back woods, when suddenly out from behind a tree jumped a figure, dressed in leather shorts and a feathered alpine hat. It was a huge chicken doing the man dance, yodeling "October Fest, October Fest, its never over up here". Robert was jumping up and down yelling "dont shoot him, he's half shot now! Apparitions such as this are common up here, they call them "Helen Vapors" so we cautiosly slipped past him and contined on.....

Rusty B. wrote...
“………..three county sheriff’s deputies pulled up, lights ablazin’, just as Rusty was about to shoot an empty Bud Light can off of Priscilla’s head with his father’s deer rifle. It was their 30th anniversary and Rusty wanted to show her how much he loved her. After successfully disposing of the first can, Rusty allowed all of the deputies to try their marksmanship. Please mark your calendars for next June 30th when we will have a memorial for Priscilla on Mr. Mountain. Rusty will be bringing his new wife for us to meet. He says “while she just graduated from college, she is very mature for her age” and……….

Miya B.(again Melissa's sister and not elidgible, but her heart is in it, showing her love and feelings for us and what Creekwood is all about).
She wrote...
two figures appeared climbing slowly out of the woods and with the sun rising behind them it was hard for Melissa to make out who in the world would be climbing up the back of the property at Creekwood, they were a young couple and were very lost. " Don't shoot the tall young blond yelled out " we broke down down the road a ways and have been looking for help but we must of made a wrong turn somewhere and realized we were lost. Robert noticed they were both shaking from the cold mountain air and motioned towards the roaring bonfire they had just built, come on and get warmed up. You may have made a wrong turn but your safe now. Robert and Mark took the young man aside and started asking where they had broke down, and what they were driving. It turned out they could get it towed back to Creekwood with Robert and Melissa's 4 wheel drive truck. They would get the rig to Creekwood before the days end. No one seemed bothered that their shooting adventure would have to be postponed to the following day, after all they had all come to celebrate Roberts birthday and what a party it had been. All of them felt good about getting the young couple out of harms way. They had entered the world of Creekwood as strangers but were now becoming friends as so many people before them had found Melissa and Roberts little heaven in the Mountains. Melissa listened to the young couple tell how they had fallen on hard times back in Savannah, GA, and were looking for a new start, they weren't sure where they were heading, they had the wind at their back and the mountains ahead of them. Melissa would learn the young couple names were Harrison and Ella and listened to a story that would break a persons heart, but with a sense that had always come to Melissa naturally she knew what could be done to help, Monday morning she would.....
Sunday, January 31, 2010 7:42 PM

Mike A. wrote...(self appointed Sheriff of Creekwood, badge and all)

. . . when suddenly we heard three shots ring out through the crisp morning air. Puzzled as to who might be at the shooting range so early, we quickened our pace. As we neared the range we could see a familiar silhouette standing beside a body on the ground. The long coat, the wide-brimmed hat, and smoking .357 indicated the person was our own Creekwood sheriff, Zeke Deacon. Lying on the ground in a pool of blood was Chuck, the guitar-playing Community College professor from Jacksonville, Florida. As we cautiously stepped closer, Zeke turned to us and muttered in his southern drawl the familiar words we have all heard him speak before, “we don’t tolerate lawlessness here at Creekwood.” Here’s how this chapter ends:
Zeke then glared at Robert and said, “Robert, fish the dark side. That’s how it’s done, son.” Robert’s screams could be heard echoing through the forest as he disappeared into Mister Mountain. He is now known as the “Mister Mountain Howler.”
"I know, I know, I have an overactive imagination! What can I say, sometimes ya just gotta make your own fun! Thanks for the opportunity. LMFAO!" The Sheriff.

Who will be next, just good clean fun...........Some we just had to keep to ourselves, if you want to read them you will have to come to Creekwood and ask to see the ones left out. 

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