Monday, June 11, 2012

This month's hiking article is essentials of hiking with dogs :)

1) This year lots of ticks and fleas (warmer winter) so protect the dog, spray a ahead time. We also use a natural soap that respells tick and fleas that is made and sold here locally, we also sell it at Creekwood.(Shampoochie) from Greenstone Soap Factory

2) Collar/Id a must, choose bright colors for easy ID and never choke chains (dogs can hang up on low lying branch's), and of course ID/rabies tag.

3)Use a light nylon lease, leather is heavy. And we use a waterprof

4) Bring water, do not let them drink from puddles/standing water. We bring frozen water bottles and a Tupperware collapsible bowl.

5) Food, small amounts of energy snacks.

6) Of course police after you dog, bring bagsyou know the rest

7) First aid, if you are going for a long/over night hike then you will need to consult a vet.

I carry twezers, and as always my SPOT unit

8)Clothing, booties, and reflective.

9) Of course a camera!