Tuesday, December 15, 2009

First Blog From Creekwood Resort

Welcome to Creekwood Resort's first blog. We will be adding local events, pictures, and of course  dates on when I will be going fly fishing!


  1. I have not yet been to your Camp ground having just purchased a Travel Trailer, but as a friend of Jimmy Harris who suggested I check you out I like what I see. I come up several times a year for fly fishing and look forward to staying with you. We do have 4 dogs, friendly and like me, old. All rescued, and friendly and well behaved.

    Ed Rapisardi AKA "SOGGYBOTTOM"..Merry Christmas

  2. Thank you Ed for the kind words.
    I fish alot from Nov to May. This is a slow time for the park and very quiet on the streams.
    We go during the week and would love to have you come with us.

    You can either E-Mail us or call when you are ready.

  3. What a business model these two hospitable campground hosts have developed at Creekwood!I have been retired since 1989,and have lived up here {really over yonder},about 10 miles away,and met the Sullivans,thru my Trout Unlimited and Soque River Watershed involvement! Courage....or innocence....can only describe these two: to leave the comfort of Fla.,and corporate paychecks and take on the virtual overhaul and operation of Creekwood resort! You can be sure, that these two will deliver on their hosting promises........they don,t know any other way.....and here,s a tip: Plan your visit around any holiday {they don,t take days off}, and chances are good that Robert will fire up his $100,000.00 SMOKER and scorch whatever bit of meat is available and check off another PARTTTEEE! I sincerly recommend Creekwood,for your No.Ga. Mtn, visit.......Robert and Mellisa will make the difference........remember free interprise capitalistic risk takers like these two are what makes this country work,and I know, cause I "ARE ONE!" Rocketroy Lowe of Clarkesville!

  4. Thank you Rocket, I owe you atleast $20.00

  5. We (Rocket, Sid ,Dick, John and myself) went as a Goergia Foothills TU outting and
    fished Cherokee, NC Jan 13, 2010
    Air Temp@ morning 28
    High Air Temp 42 and sunny
    Water Temp 32-34
    In the morning it was hard to keep the ice from forming on the leader
    Flies used Large #12 Stonefly Rubber leg
    Smaller Prince Nymth #14-18
    Smaller emergers with flash
    Did see a hatch, tiny small white flies?
    But we caught quit a few nice trout.
    All above the norm on size above 15"
    John caught the most I think it was 12 or more.
    I really don't remember since I only caught 4

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  7. Rodney & Nancy Kindlund sent this us and thought it would be nice to share. Again thank you Rodney and Nancy
    Recently we stayed at Creekwood Resort and found it to be the best campground that we have stayed at in our last couple years of camping with our FunFinder trailer. The hosts, Robert and Melissa ar the friendliest campground hosts that we have come across. They are also very knowledgeable about the Helen, GA area. In our opinion, there is only ONE place to stay if you are even close to Helen, GA and that is at Creekwood Resort! Our stay was short but our experience was long. Thanks, y'all

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  9. Creekwood Resort continues to increase the demand for Wireless Technology. We have 3 Routers with range extenders reaching all of the park. We also just added a Cellular Amplifier, which you may not be able to make a call inside your camper, but will in the park. Which making a call for some carriers required to drive into town!

  10. Recently a customer wrote a very nice review on Yelp that I wanted to share with you

    JBII J.
    Alpharetta, GA
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    5.0 star rating 5/20/2017
    First to Review
    When I first called and told the owners Melissa and Robert I was a newbie at RVing and really didn't know what I was doing, I never could have expected what they would do in response. We arrived at Creekwood Campground and Cabins and there they were awaiting us with a warm and friendly greeting. And then they took over! Melissa guided us safely into our parking spot, while Robert helped me disconnect my motorcycle trailer and take my motorcycle off the trailer and park it safely. Then Robert helped me push my trailer next to the RV. Melissa helped us arrange our RV so that the slide outs wouldn't hit any of the hookups (I would not have known to do this and would surely have torn something up). Then Robert got busy instructing/teaching and taking me through every step and safety procedure to properly hook up sewer, electric, water and cable. Then Robert filled my hot water tank (I had no idea this had to be done) and showed me how to turn on my hot water heater. The electric side didn't work so he began troubleshooting and eventually turned on my LP gas side and got the hot water working. He told me I would probably have to get an electronic board to get the electrical side working but no worries, we had hot water for our stay. Then Robert programmed our televisions to receive cable and set us up for the night ( JUST LIKE THAT ) and all of this he and Melissa did at 10pm two hours after the park had closed and one hour past their bed time (we had some problems and arrived there late, but we kept calling and they said keep coming).

    The next two days Robert and Melissa checked on our well-being multiple times, recommended places for us to eat and gave us an exclusive tour of their lovely campground and EXQUISITE cabins! They've owned their campground for 13 years and if you don't have an RV or you have more folks than your RV can accommodate their cabins are so beautiful they make you gasp when you see them.

    When my flushing valve failed on my toilet Robert was right there to help me try to fix it. He brought me some o-rings and even though we didn't get the leak totally fixed we got it down to a few drips and Melissa got us a bowl to collect the water. I'M SO IN LOVE WITH THESE TWO PEOPLE!!!!

    I can only say that Robert and Melissa went above and beyond the call of duty (Robert is an former Navy Electronics Technician veteran) and extended to us a helping hand that we could never have even thought to ask for. They were a blessing to Tamara and I. I am now confident and knowledgeable about how to hook up my RV at any campsite as Robert gave me such a thorough education!

    The campsite is beautiful with modern hookups, cable, wifi, WELL WATER, sewage and 50 amp shore power. They are conscientious, hands-on owners with a keen eye towards customer service and satisfaction. Their customers will always be repeat customers and in my experience I would like to say not only were they great landlords but they have also become good friends.

    John E. Bunch II
    Black Dragon
    National President
    Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club Nation
    Author: Prospect's Bible
    Sergeant at Arms Bible
    Public Relations Officer's Bible
    Prospect's Bible for Women
    YouTube: Black Dragon National President