Monday, June 11, 2012

This month's hiking article is essentials of hiking with dogs :)

1) This year lots of ticks and fleas (warmer winter) so protect the dog, spray a ahead time. We also use a natural soap that respells tick and fleas that is made and sold here locally, we also sell it at Creekwood.(Shampoochie) from Greenstone Soap Factory

2) Collar/Id a must, choose bright colors for easy ID and never choke chains (dogs can hang up on low lying branch's), and of course ID/rabies tag.

3)Use a light nylon lease, leather is heavy. And we use a waterprof

4) Bring water, do not let them drink from puddles/standing water. We bring frozen water bottles and a Tupperware collapsible bowl.

5) Food, small amounts of energy snacks.

6) Of course police after you dog, bring bagsyou know the rest

7) First aid, if you are going for a long/over night hike then you will need to consult a vet.

I carry twezers, and as always my SPOT unit

8)Clothing, booties, and reflective.

9) Of course a camera!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tie One on Tyathon

                                                            TIE ONE ON TYATHON
By Gregg Johnson

Saturday March 24th was a beautiful spring spring day, with trees blooming, birds chirping, and North Georgia  streams flowing clear and cold, with hungry trout searching the riffles for something to eat. Numerous trout fishermen were hiking  and wading the rivers and streams searching for these fish, ready to softly drop an Elk Hair Caddis or Pheasant Tail Nymph  upstream and have it drift down  to one of these waiting fish.

However, there was one group of ardent fly fishermen who were busy with another project, hoping to lend a hand to one of Georgia's premier trout destinations and outdoor recreation facilities.  Yes, these fishermen were giving up their opportunity to fish Dukes Creek, the Chattooga River, the Tacooa River, the Chattahoochee and other lessor known streams in order to provide their support to Smithgall Woods by entering a fly tying contest.

The event, the first annual Tie One On Tyathon,  brainchild of Ron Thomas, well known Nachoochee fly fishing guide, was held at Unicoi Outfitter's Helen shop, and supported  by Unicoi Outfitters, Smithgall Woods, Tie One On, and Georgia DNR. A total of six entered  teams, consisting of two fly tiers for each team, competed assembling small flies from feathers, fur, and thread over  a  time period  from 10 AM to 3 PM with very little time for breaks. Each team was required to tie four popular flies, with a minimum goal of 48 flies completed.  Teams were judged on the total number of flies tied and the quality of one specific fly, the Elk Hair Caddis.  The winning team selected was Jake Darling and        

                                , with a total of  148 flies tied.  The six teams completed a total of 438 flies, and collected a total of  $ 2,568  from sponsors  to be donated to Friends of Smithgall Woods.

All involved had a great time, and thanks to all the team sponsors and workers who helped make this a very successful  event!  All are planning for next year's scheduled Tie One On Tyathon!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fishing Cherokee Mon 1/16/2012

Any one interested we are meeting here Creekwood Resort at 6.:30. Call for details 706 878 2164


Friday, January 13, 2012

Jan, 2012 Monthly News Letter

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