Friday, October 11, 2013

Creekwood Resort's well water issue

Melissa and I have tried to keep Creekwood Resort's well water issue under the radar, since currently we are working on this snag with our Senator, State Represented and the Georgia Rural Water Association. 
But, some of our customers/friends (being concerned) have asked about what happen?. And so here is a very sort version of what is happening.
2004 we purchased Creekwood and had the well  inspected, passed by White County Health Dept.
2006 Creekwood Resort received notifications from the Georgia EPD. Because we have more than 15 water service connection we would be under EPD jurisdiction.
Now between from 2006 till early 2013 we had been working with the EPD to get what is called a Well ID number. We did requested items like school, larger concrete pad around the well, enclosing the well, chlorine injection system.
The last item requested was the well data sheet from the original well driller. But, because White County Heath Dept. does retain this information on record? We met M&R drilling (the original well driller) fill out and sign a new well data sheet.
  After the new data sheet was reviewed by the EPD, only having 90' of outside packing around the casing instead of the full length of the well 609 feet EPD will not give us our well ID number.  
So EPD has instructed us to shut down 7 sites this will put us back under White County Heath Dept. or get fined.
So the water is ok to drink for 15 sites but not 22?
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