Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fishing Report Toccoa River 3/25/2010

Fishing Report: Toccoa River D/H

Date 3/25/2010

Time of arrival 9:00AM Departure 4:00 PM

Partners: Dennis (fish vacuum) John S, Sid, Dick, myself Robert


Stream Flow still cranking about 550 CFM (should be at 400)

Air Temp 58-61 (but seemed cooler with the wind)

Mostly Cloudy over cast and till the end of the day then got some rain

Wind 5-10 SE/SSE

Water temp: 50 / Clarity: Clear/Cloudy

Fishing: We all caught fish, Dennis (again) caught the most, I think he said somewhere around 25.

But, the best report was from John that caught a Bass, he said about 2-3 lbs

Sid did well, till the end when he lost his rig in the stream.

I got videos of Dick catching a nice trout off a dry fly.

And I think my total was 8

Flies: Zonker , Rubber leg flies dark color, Prince Nymph, Parachute Adams (grey body)

And do not forget split shot BBs, lots of them!

In conclusion

I am telling you that from a previous dunk in the cold months, I have a lot of respect for this large body of water! It took me a little time to get the courage up, so what I did was go down stream to the Pine Island near the Shallowford bridge and then work on some more challenging parts. If you going in the next couple of days, watch yourself.

But the fishing was great because no one has had the courage to fish in it this year. The trout were very healthy,, beautiful vivid colors.

Mine were all in the 10" to 15" inch range

It was nice to fish back in Georgia, we do have some beautiful streams!


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